June is the last working month of our current Exco-team 2013-14.


In the past 11 months, many wonderful educational and social activities were hold. If you want to review our activities, you could check out our club newsletter “Cheers”. There are snapshots of our activities and you will definitely enjoy reading it !


Do you know the reason of naming it “Cheers” ?

Obviously, “Cheers” is a word closely related to drinking a toast. Actually, it is particularly meaningful to Achievers because the word “Achievers” is composed of “CHEERS”. It is a signal that we will learn and achieve a high level of success in a joyful atmosphere.


Here is the last issue of "Cheers" in 2013-14 


In this issue, we have

  • Leadership Journey Part 3, prepared by Jake Layes
  • 2nd Mentor-Mentee Gathering
  • New Members Induction
  • Joint Meeting with TGIT
  • Joint Meeting with South Horizon
  • District 89 Table Topics Speech Contest & International Speech Contest 2014
  • Shenzhen Spring Conference
  • Words from president, 2013-14
  • Words from incoming Exco Team


Hope you enjoy reading Cheers issue #004.


VP Public Relations 2013-14

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