Free Download: Interactive Progress Overview for your CL Award

Hello Achiever,


You may have wondered how to keep easily track of your progress for the Competent Leadership (CL) Manual. Here's an easy solution: an interactive progress overview for your CL Award; it comes to you in form of a Microsoft Excel file. Simply download the Excel from this link and follow below's quick guideline, and you'll be quickly seeing visually your progress in the CL Manual.

-- Download here (free) the Interactive Competent Leadership Award Pro... --


  • When you open the Excel file from the link above, you will see a table with a top row which tells you for each Project of the CL Manual the total number of projects required:
  • This file allows you to only select and edit certain cells; by default they will have a '0'. When you completed one projected, let's say Speech Evaluator for Project 1, enter a '1' in the corresponding cell, in this case it is cell C5:
  • As you progress, you will notice the document updating automatically, visually showing your progress:
  • Now, as you progress, scroll down to row 28 and below; here you find out visually when you have started a project or completed it:
  • You're ready to start and nothing should hold you back to accomplish your CL Award.

Now, give it a go. Keep in mind I've put this together in my barely-available spare time, and you may find something not working as it should - if that's the case, contact me.


Have fun.


Free Download: Interactive Competent Leadership Award Progress Over...

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