2012 Achievers In-house Humorous Speech Contest

2012 Achievers In-house Humorous Speech Contest
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Comment by Achievers on August 28, 2012 at 11:13pm

Comment by Achievers on August 21, 2012 at 8:21pm
Dear Achievers,
The In-house Humorous Speech Contest was held last evening with ten members Ron Tsui, Stephen Tsui, Paul Evans, Arthur Cheung, Stuart Orsak, Andrew Lam, Katie Chan, Derek Cheung, Winnie Mo, and Talis Wong giving their unique speeches humorous in its own way. The final results are as follows:
First place: Derek Cheung
Second place: Paul Evans
Third place: Talis Wong
Congratulations to Derek, Paul and Talis in your outstanding performance. Derek and Paul will further advance to the Area Contest of Humorous Speech on 29 September. We'll be there to give them support!
Thanks to all member judges especially Mr. K. F. Tam, the Chief Judge, in making the wise decisions.  I would also like to thank the contest team for your immense assistance in the smooth running of the contest:
SAAs -- Charlotte Ng and Joseph Savage
Ballot Counters -- Fred Tai and Garland Mak
Timers -- Faye Wong and Laura Yu
Interviewer --  Quinny Chan
Photographer -- Alice Tse
Last but not least, thanks to Derek Cheung my adviser, in giving me valuable tips in chairing the contest. The presence of Oasis members and their input of wanting to see more women contestants and to be provided with drinks to freshen up the event was most valuable.
Now we look forward to the next event: the In-house Evaluation Speech Contest on 27 August. You will be there to give support, won't you?
Once again, thanks for your participation. Your presence surely enlightened the evening. 
Happy toastering to you all!
Irene Kwok
Contest Chair of 2012 Achievers In-house Humourous Speech Contest

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